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28 July 2012

Do you think that the U.S. Constitution -- and your freedom -- are safe?
Think again.

Now those who would take your freedom are attempting to use U.N. treaties as the means.

Remember: only the United States was founded by the people. It was the people -- not the government -- who wrote the Constitution, specifically to authorize that government to have only certain limited powers. The Constitution -- the will of the people -- is above the government.

No other government in all of human history has ever reached this pinnacle.

All of the rest of the world's governments are statist: i.e., set up by those with the power and backing of force, for the sake of their own control over others. The subjugated population is only allowed to act in ways permitted them -- the hallmark of a statist govt. Their rulers decide what "rights" their government will allow them to have.

Control of the U.N. has been increasingly asserted by those other countries ever since a U.S. President abdicated our leadership role there.

Now think: if you hold power by force, would you be inclined to let a country like the U.S. survive with that kind of Constitution?

Or would you do your best to turn that document into meaningless window-dressing?
Which choice helps you best keep your subject population under control?
Which choice gives them no foreign land as a shining example
-- a place to yearn for and to escape to?
Which choice gives them hope for an existence better than the oppression you impose?

Would you not do your best to subvert the United States through the U.N., through international treaties, or by any other means at your disposal?

When people -- crowds or individuals -- the world over cheer for the U.S., the governments of the world cringe. A cheer for the U.S. is a fist -- and a mind -- held up high against them.

What does that make the United States itself, in their minds?

Do you really think other countries -- from Great Britain to Iran and North Korea -- care about your First Amendment rights? Do you really think that they want you to have any "inalienable" rights?

The U.S. was a lone outpost of freedom in 1776, and we should never hesitate to stand tall and proud, and lead the world to freedom now. There is no one else who will do it.

This is a news article worth reading.

From the Washington Times: U.N. Treaties and the U.S.

In a U.N. dominated by fundamentalist Moslem countries, China, and other statist regimes -- who would gladly obliterate a thousand years of human progress for the sake of their own power -- would you really expect to be allowed to write or read or discuss political commentary and issues that oppose their control of your life?

Your country -- and your future as an individual who enjoys his freedom -- your "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" -- need your help.

Help strengthen the American achievement. Help spread that achievement to the rest of the world. Anything else is a reversion to a more barbaric world -- a world of violence and oppression, and wrought with misery -- a regression into Dark Ages.

As Pericles said, "Just because you do not take an interest in politics does not mean politics will not take an interest in you."

-- Scott

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