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12 September 2009

Somebody wrote to me of President Barack Obama, "I will continue to pray for him, because that is what I do, but he is a double minded person that speaks out of both sides of his face."

Here was my reply...

An old phrase I seem to recall, "God helps those who help themselves" applies here. Simply praying or labelling Obama an antichrist is way too close to just quitting, accepting "fate", and waiting for it roll over you. There is more influence to be exerted than that.

If you live in a state with Democratic majorities, Congressmen, and Senators, you have a real chance to weaken the Democrat majority by constant contact -- phone calls, emails, and even letters, continually urging them to reduce government size, taxes, and sheer number of programs, and get this country to a more free-market economy. I write my reps to keep them on track all the time, but mostly they already agree with me. But they are the minority party right now, so while they need and get my support, the size of any change is less. In your case, however, you can make a real difference.

Tell them that in spite of all their attempts to place the blame on bankers and Wall Street, you know that the government is responsible for the economic recession and poor recovery. If Clinton, Bush, Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, & co., had not forced the banks to offer sub-prime loans (and then manipulated interest rates), no sane businessman would do such a thing -- the risk is too great and the profit is unlikely. Now Obama and the Democratic Congress are just perpetuating the recession by non-free-market policies. Bush's neo-cons and Obama's socialists _are_ the problem (and there is no real ideological difference between them).

Also, attend those Tea Parties and Town Hall meetings when you can, and write letters-to-the-editor of your local paper. Pound the same message home to them in no uncertain manner. Show them you want small government. Give them pause. Remind them that socialism does not work, and they just need to get totally out of the health-care business. If socialist health-care worked, why are Canadians coming to the US (including their PM!), and why does Canada openly acknowledge that the US is a "safety valve" for their failing system? Why is Massachusetts' "guaranteed" health-care system also failing?

Tell them to put cap-and-trade and environmentalism down the toilet where it belongs -- that you are _not_ willing to reduce your standard of living -- that _you_ are more important than "raw" Nature -- that "Man At His Best" _is_ Nature at its best. Know environmentalism for what it is: a _religion_, and _not_ a science. If you fail to understand that, you doom your heirs to insidiously-acquired beliefs far different from what you had hoped for or intended. At least if they do change, make sure they are aware of why, and of what the outside influences are that they are being hit with.

Hit back at the politicians -- hard. Keep at it. Granted it's "little baby steps" that seem to have no effect, and sometimes the other side even wins a step or two, but it's the only way. I see it working in many particular instances. If you give up, they win all the way. Then in your children's time or maybe even in our own time we get to face the destruction of the American way of life. That is not the legacy I want to be known for; I'd sooner go down fighting. Let's do the job that needs to be done.

Freedom must be fought for. Right now, we can still fight without actual violence. Do it now so that the day of violence never has to come. Don't give up; don't abdicate the arena to them. Freedom and human rights are the moral high ground; socialism is the immoral - inherently destructive. Hit them and keep hitting them. Get others to help, and combine your voices. That's the "Big Tent". We all have different beliefs but we all know what part government ought to play in any of it: we want freedom, first and always -- freedom to live, to act, and to own what is ours -- a world where government dictates have no place.

Keep this the Land of the Free.

-- Scott

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