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5 September 2011

Those involved in politics must always remember that their work is in dedication to making a better life possible for all of us, but that they as politicians can only make it possible -- they can never provide it.

Here is a great video that shows real profit in the making -- providing the goods on which our lives -- our American Way Of Life -- is built and depends.

Productivity No Government Can Match

If at any time while watching this your attention wanders, just remember: this is so obvious that too often we take it for granted; we forget. This video takes the time to put the many pieces together that makes our lives so great.

Remember: this is all that keeps us from collapsing back to the Stone Age. -- to starvation and privation.

Remember that America has the wealth we do because we build things like this better than any other nation -- because we do it as private individuals, not as a government.

Government can only protect our rights -- our freedom to live, to act, and to build. When you ask government to do something else, you are asking for a decline in your own well-being, your standard of living -- your life.

Thanks, Norfolk Southern, for showing and reminding us. It's not the whole story, but it says enough. May the novel "Atlas Shrugged" always remain only a warning, and never a prophecy.

-- Scott

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