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18 March 2020

18 February 2020

25 August 2019

25 August 2019

30 April 2019

17 October 2017

The Hillary Double-talk Dance
Attacking Trump while making excuses for Bill and for keeping Harvey's money

3 October 2017

True to form, Hypocrite Hillary politicizes Las Vegas shootings

18 April 2017

Hillary's 'Nixonian' paranoia

3 October 2016

Doesn't anybody care how frequently Hillary is doing illegal things?

2 October 2016

Hillary was complicit in his sexual misconduct

29 September 2016

12 September 2016

Hide-and-Sick! - Why hide? She won't tell the truth!

Emails show more corruption by Hillary

Is this really the kind of person you would want to choose to wield the power that comes with running our government?


A must-see movie: Hillary's America - not to be missed.
From the press release : "In Hillaryís America, New York Times #1 best-selling author and celebrated filmmaker Dinesh DíSouza reveals the sordid truth about Hillary and the secret history of the Democratic Party. This eye-opening film sheds light on the Democrats' transition from pro-slavery to pro-enslavement; how Hillary Clintonís political mentor was, literally, a coldblooded gangster; and how the Clintons and other Democrats see foreign policy not in terms of national interest, but in terms of personal profit."

See the fascinating evidence behind the history portrayed in the movie!
Note: the evidence presented is consistent with what I know from other sources.

On gun ownership and the Second Amendment: "If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulations."
Therein is laid bare the crux of Hillary's crusade for gun control - by increased regulation and control, it introduces a wedge - setting the precedent and opening the door into doing the same for every other part of the Bill of Rights, with the express goal of undermining and in the end destroying all freedoms in the process.

This quote shows clearly that the speaker has no respect for other people - friends and allies, as well as opponents.

This quote shows clearly that the speaker has no respect for freedom, nor the law, nor the rule of law, but rather, a desire to be above the law, and to rule by dictatorial fiat. The particular issue is irrelevant.

Like Adolf Hitler and any other tyrant, this quote shows clearly the speaker's intent to have the entire population be subservient, submissive to her will and whim, and to follow her dictates in blind obedience.

This is not a person who holds some ideology. This is not a person with integrity.

This is pursuit of despotic power - the power to pervert, corrupt, and destroy at will.

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