Speech to Greenville County GOP

4 June 2012

Democrats - see power over others as the goal - That is why they so easily form a united front - they willingly accept submitting to a greater power - in hopes of being that power, or of getting something from it - getting, or taking - not earning

They see our lack of effort to get power as weakness, naivety - the impotence of powerless, isolated individuals - we don't or can't or will not get it

We need to unify against the Democrats and Obama if we are to win

We need to realize we are agreeing to disagree about virtually everything
- except freedom - as did the Founding Fathers
- and that is our strength - that makes us stronger than the power-grabbers

Where I work there are all kinds of people - all American citizens - many by choice
Christian Moslem African Hindu Chinese atheist
- they should all be on our side - on the side of freedom.
They should be voting Republican - not for the power grabbers

The naturalized citizens left their old homes to leave power-grabbers behind
They all want freedom and opportunity for their families - not handouts

Encourage them - don't push them away - we need their votes and support
When you hear someone being divisive - urge him not to be
Shun the power-grabbers - the RINOs - within our own ranks

Remember the Golden Rule
It's easy to want freedom for yourself - but what about everyone else?

If we don't understand that we need to work to unify on the issue of freedom, there won't be any other issues

This is the only way to win, and yet remain who and what we are.

-- Scott

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