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Unite or Die

Second Amendment

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                                        Now available!  Scott's new book                                      

From Savagery to Greatness presents a history of humanity, from its origins in prehistoric times, beginning with its ancestors since about 5,000,000 years ago.   The story focuses on explaining evolution generally and the evolution of the mental development of Homo Sapiens and its earlier evolution in those prior species, away from animal instinct towards the ability to think and reason.

The book also recounts the many migrations which pushed humankind's spread across the continents of the world, and what drove those migrations; a fascinating story in itself.

That history also includes the context of the continual climate changes which have not only been an ever-present factor, but which have had a significant and substantial impact on our ancestors’ evolution and migration.   Climate changes have often been the driving causes of evolution.

The stair-steps to humanity presented in the book include the identification of humanity’s key achievements, as well as its stumbles backwards, as cultures and civilizations have risen and fallen, down to the present day.

From Savagery to Greatness is intended as an easy-to-read book for anyone, and yet provides a comprehensive picture of our past.   It is not a big book, and no special knowledge is needed.   Easy-to-understand explanations are included throughout its 130 pages, along with pictures, illustrations, an easy-to-follow timeline chart, and an index.

The intent was to make this book a real page-turner, as intriguing as a good mystery novel.   But this is real-life.   This is what happened, and why.   More than once our ancestors were on the brink of extinction.   The plot is complex and improbable, but not impossible, or we would not be here.   Don't miss the ultimate success story.

                Buy the book here                                                                 Buy the Kindle version here        

                        When it comes to thinking, Scott wrote the book.                          

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