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Politics Trumps Economics

The World's Second Constitution

Why America is Great

President Trump
in pictures

US stocks a better buy

Economic Arteries

The Left against
the First Amendment

Is a Stock-Market
Bubble Coming?

Thanksgiving Toast
to the Old Breed

George Washington

Business As Usual
at the White House


Who Gets To Decide?

America Rebounds!

The Trump Economic
Paradigm Change

What's wrong
with the EU

The Trump Presidency

The Election -
What Happened?
First Monday speech
5 December 2016

Mike Rowe on
Burning the Flag

Socialism means
giving your freedom
to the government

Gun Control


This is Hillary

Climate Change
A Political Tool

Where We Live

Honorable Politicians


Citizen Politicians

So You Want Socialism?

Authorized Not Imposed

Against Rights and Freedom

vs. America

Speech to County GOP

The Economy

Being America

The Individual
vs. Statism

To-Do List

Unite or Die

Second Amendment

Quotable Quotes

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