Scott’s Stand On the Issues                                        

As he has proven in his time in office, Scott Crosby is for
a carefully managed City budget, lower taxes, and limited government.

        Scott's responses to questions from the League of Women Voters        

1. What are your qualifications for this office?

My career background is in IT as a systems analyst.   I have a dual Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. "Systems analysis" means figuring out how things work, and then figuring out how to make things work better.

As a Councilman I have worked hard to make things better with no tax increases during my two terms as a City Councilman, and I will not vote for an increase; we do not need it. I currently serve as Chair of the Public Safety Committee, and also sit on the Economic Development Committee and the Public Works Committee.   In the past I have also been on the Building and Zoning Committee, and the Finance Committee.

I have completed the certification by the Municipal Association of South Carolina, and am working on the Masters certification. I also have experience working with state and federal elected officials and agencies on Mauldin's behalf, to assure the best support from the state and federal government for Mauldin.
2. If elected, what will be your top three priorities?

1. The contractual negotiations for the City Center project are underway.   The foremost goal is to get those completed, and for construction to begin.

2. We have the best Police, Fire, and Building and Zoning departments in the County.   Our Public Works is also the best it has ever been.   Having reached that position, we must now make sure we stay at that high level of quality service to our residents, and continue to improve services in the future.

3. Continue annexations into the City.   With tens of thousands of people moving into Greenville County every year, growth is going to continue, and Mauldin is at the center of that growth.   Council must manage that growth and expand, along with its neighboring cities.

3. What is the biggest threat to your city's quality of life, and how would you address it?

The biggest threat to Mauldin is to fail to look to Mauldin's future, especially as it will be affected by the economic growth which is such a big part of our environment.   To stick our heads into the sand or to try to hold back change or to do nothing would be foolish and a dereliction of our responsibilities to our residents.

We must recognize where Mauldin could be and will be in the light of that growth, and make it happen.   We need to make plans to provide the greatest benefit to all of Mauldin's residents, not letting the chips fall where they will, not letting things happen by default or inertia.

We need to provide a path for that growth that will keep Mauldin a great place to live.   We need to make conditions most conducive for economic growth that will really help our residents live, work, shop, worship, and play in the way that each resident sees as being in his own personal best interests and enjoyment.

                                            In Scott's own words:                                            

Only in America is it possible to be an Honorable Politician.

Why it is important for Americans to stand up and be Citizen Politicians.

        Whether it's City Hall, the state,      
      or nationally, resolving the issues      
      takes the same kind of thinking:        
                dedicated concern for                
        the well-being of constituents.          

                                              Your Vote Counts                                                

Election Day 2019 is closer than it seems.

Contact Scott for more information about how to help his reelection campaign.

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