About Councilman Scott Crosby

Councilman Scott Crosby began his first term on the Mauldin City Council in Mauldin, SC in January, 2012.   His election to Council Seat 4 and participation on the Mauldin City Council culminates an interest in American politics that began when he was ten years old.

A resident of Mauldin since 1994 and the Greenville area since 1978, Scott retired in May from a career as a systems analyst – which means he figures out how things work and then figures out how to make them work better.   He is a 1974 graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Scott and his wife Rhoda were married Thanksgiving Day, 2002.   They enjoy ballroom dancing, playing bridge, and especially flying in their Cessna 182;   Scott has had his pilot’s license since 1986, and an instrument rating since 1988.   Scott published his first book, Techniques for the Operation of the Mind in May of 2018, and expects to publish his second book, From Savagery to Greatness, in November, after the election.

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Your Vote Counts

Election Day 2019 is closer than it seems. Contact Scott for more information about how to help his reelection campaign.