Life, The Rights of the smallest minority the Individual
Liberty, and the Freedom the Right of the Individual to his actions
even in the face of a democratic majority vote
Pursuit of Happiness Economic Freedom the Right and Freedom of the Individual to pursue his economic prosperity                             © 2024


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8 October 2023

moving to Tennessee
21 September 2023
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See below   posted  9 March 2024.
Political Cartoons
News from China
Because all news media is controlled by the govenment,
there is no news from China.
Everything is propaganda.
China's dictators act from fear fear of their own people most of all.
No news from China.
Socialism always ends in failure.
The desire to control the lives of others,
or even to think you are capable
of running their lives, is
the most destructive prejudice. .
Socialism is about turning your freedom over
to the people in the government;
to people who are not as good as you
at living your life.
  Every way is the wrong way.     Is that really what you want to do?  

The bottom line is this:  is the individual the primary, and the state exists only for his protection, or is the state the primary, telling the individual what he can and cannot do?  Every poltical issue, debate, and system reduces to that one simple question, and the lives and future for you, your children, and everyone else depend on the answer.
"The Pursuit of Happiness"
Capitalism is Economic Freedom
Investing News Worth Reading
29 December 2022
Business News and the Markets
Because nobody
has the right to take them.

            "Poverty has no causes.  Only prosperity has causes."     Jane Jacobs
Prosperity requires Freedom:  The degree of prosperity and economic growth is proportional to the degree of Freedom.
"To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race." 
  President Calvin Coolidge.
Freedom requires:   self-government and the rule of law a "government of the people, by the people, for the people":  a Republic with a Constitution above the government and the people, and yet ordained by the people and not imposed, to protect Individual Rights by curbing democracy, and dividing and limiting power.  To endure, Freedom also requires a good education, administered by the people, not the government.
SeeThe Foundations of Freedom  to learn
more about Freedom's building blocks.    


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