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18 Feb 2020
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25 Feb 2020 
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23 Feb 2020
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24 Feb 2020
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25 Feb 2020
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19 Feb 2020
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24 Feb 2020

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25 February 2020
Coronavirus vaccine by Moderna ready for testing

25 February 2020
Meet the New Socialism, Same as the Old

25 February 2020
Bernie supporters build rafts to escape to Cuba

23 February 2020
Democrats are going
to Trump rallies

20 February 2020
"The Democrats are dangerous"

19 February 2020
OSU gun rights activist
harassed by leftists

18 February 2020
Rural Oregon counties
moving to Idaho?

18 February 2020
Va. Dems. lose
anti-gun vote

15 February 2020
Week's News in Pictures

13 February 2020
FBI corruption far worse than thought

13 February 2020
U.S. leads world in
carbon emissions decline

12 February 2020
MAGA stocks !

The Trillion-Dollar Club

12 February 2020
Bernie's NH win
increases Trump's chances

12 February 2020
"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

10 February 2020
AG Barr sanctions against sanctuary cities

10 February 2020
Anti-Putin blogger's
throat slit in France

7 February 2020
Sen. Tim Scott lectures Dems on fairness

6 February 2020
Does China's Xi
have the virus?

6 February 2020
Ethics charges filed
Pelosi broke the law

6 February 2020
Latest cancer research
into cancer genetics

5 February 2020
President Trump's
State of the Union address

5 February 2020

4 February 2020
Dem Iowa caucuses
total meltdown

31 January 2020
Everyone is Smart but Trump

30 January 2020
Diversity loss - from
habitat change not humans

30 January 2020
Dems' climate dogma fails
want opposition censored

30 January 2020
"Thatís it, itís all over, finished. Weíre gone." Brexit!

29 January 2020
CNN mocks voters

29 January 2020
It's time for Vexit!

28 January 2020
Money to Bern
Socialist-made millionaires

28 January 2020
Peaceful Va. 2nd-A rally disappoints anti-gun crowd

27 January 2020
China bio-war lab
source of Wuhan virus?

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20 Feb 2020

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I-385 - I-85 Interchange
23 Feb 2020

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23 Oct 2017

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At the Pisgah Inn Restaurant, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, 3 May 2014

Three days in Savannah, Georgia, 28 November - 1 December 2019

Sharing a Coke on our trip to South Dakota at Killian's, in Spearfish, 9 July 2019

Flight home from South Dakota

Over Illinois just before sunrise, flying from Iowa to S.C. at 11,000 feet, 12 July 2019

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,
for there you have been, and there you will long to return" - Leonardo da Vinci

South Carolina Breakfast Club at Owens Field, 8 September 2019