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21 January 2020

21 January 2020
"Guillotine the rich"
second Bernie staffer says

21 January 2020
4.6 billion in poverty
Who is to blame?

21 January 2020
Media lies about
Virginia pro-2A rally

21 January 2020
40-ton whale jumps completely out of the water

19 January 2020
Great news!
SpaceX blew up rocket

19 January 2020
Dems' true nature exposed

18 January 2020
Virginia Governor
state's best gun salesman

16 January 2020
Palmetto Aviation
January newsletter

14 January 2020
Grains of dust found on Earth older than the Sun

14 January 2020
President Trump
Democrat nemesis

13 January 2020
Cancer mestastasis
linked to wound healing

13 January 2020

12 January 2020
Record U.S. employment

12 January 2020
'The desire for freedom
in Iran is palpable'

12 January 2020
90% of Virginia declares
2nd Amendment sanctuary

11 January 2020
Iran admits to
shooting down airliner

10 January 2020
Hickory Aviation Museum

9 January 2020
A Book Worth Reading

8 January 2020
Keep men out
of women's sports!

7 January 2020
Planet-hunter's first habitable Earth-sized planet

6 January 2020
Something fundamentally wrong with Democrats

6 January 2020
The Capitalist Manifesto

5 January 2020
Brexit could end the EU

5 January 2020
2024 GOP candidates poll

4 January 2020
The Inverted Tower

4 January 2020

3 January 2020
Iranian terrorists killed

3 January 2020
1997 merger cause of Boeing 737 MAX crisis

2 January 2020
Trump, GOP
huge fundraising

28 December 2019
Twitter admits CENSORING Trump

27 December 2019
Trump deserves credit
for strong economy

26 December 2019
Trump's stock rally
outpaces past presidents

25 December 2019
Pelosi impeachment articles
not much to stand on

22 December 2019
Trunp - 187 Fed judges
one in every four

21 December 2019
Britain will not follow any EU rules after Brexit

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At the Pisgah Inn Restaurant, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, 3 May 2014

Three days in Savannah, Georgia, 28 November - 1 December 2019

Sharing a Coke on our trip to South Dakota at Killian's, in Spearfish, 9 July 2019

Flight home from South Dakota

Over Illinois just before sunrise, flying from Iowa to S.C. at 11,000 feet, 12 July 2019

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,
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South Carolina Breakfast Club at Owens Field, 8 September 2019