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The Latest Headlines

12 May 2021

Crises confound
Biden White House

4 May 2021

Dems quiet about
Dem's racist slur

3 May 2021

Video:  Mex-US border crossings in McAllen Texas

2 May 2021

Ingenuity 4th flight good; begins operational phase

30 April 2021

Dems have to cheat
on Census to win?

26 April 2020

Gun sales for month
set another record

26 April 2020

Census results
due out today

26 April 2021

Third flight by Ingenuity
fastest and furthest

24 April 2021
United Airlines
race gender #1 not safety

23 April 2021

Second flight by Ingenuity

19 April 2021

Lowest and Highest
Property Taxes in U.S.

19 April 2021

Ingenuity flies !

17 April 2021

SCOTUS:  California religious ban struck down

17 April 2020

States banning men
in womens' sports

16 April 2021

Mach 4 Commercial Jet
by 2030

15 April 2021

Investigation of Georgia counterfeit ballots

15 April 2021
Leftist Institutional Racism in Schools

15 April 2021

CNN admits propaganda to oust Trump

15 April 2021

Dems propose packing
Supreme Court

15 April 2021

Ingenuity software repair underway

11 April 2021

Ingenuity flight delayed until the 14th

10 April 2021

Ingenuity to fly Sunday

8 April 2021

Biden's Executive Orders so far

6 April 2021

Biden falsely claims
plan creates 19M jobs

6 April 2021

Ingenuity out and readying for first flight

1 April 2021

GOP, State AGs denounce HR1 as Dem power grab

1 April 2021

Ongong surge of stupidity from AOC

31 March 2021

Biden's plan to
heavily tax everyone

26 March 2021

Remains of impact causing Moon deep within Earth?

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            "Poverty has no causes.  Only prosperity has causes."     Jane Jacobs
That cause is Freedom, which makes possible economic growth.  Socialism or any oppression limits prosperity.
Freedom has causes
Freedom requires self-government "government of the people, by the people, for the people",
the Rule of Law, and a Constitution above the government, to limit it and protect Individual Rights.
All else democracy, socialism, dictatorship by any name, anarchy, riots brings destruction and misery.
"To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race." President Calvin Coolidge

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12 May 2021

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2 May 2021

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4 May 2021

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14 March 2021

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15 April 2021

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30 April 2021

The Markets

Definition of insanity:
to keep doing things the same way
and expect a different result.

Or is oppressive taxation and control the desired result?

The desire to control the lives, actions, and well-being of other people is the worst prejudice.

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26 April 2021

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17 April 2021


8 January 2021

Let's Go Fly!

4 May 2021

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16 April 2021

South Carolina Breakfast Club
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26 February 2021

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28 April 2021

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